TestRunCommand Class Reference

A class used for testing of. More...

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Public Member Functions

void clear ()
bool is_stdout_received () const
bool is_stderr_received () const
bool is_done_received () const
bool is_done_failed () const
const string & stdout_msg () const
const string & stderr_msg () const
const string & done_error_msg () const
void command_stdout_cb (RunCommand *run_command, const string &output)
void command_stderr_cb (RunCommand *run_command, const string &output)
void command_done_cb (RunCommand *run_command, bool success, const string &error_msg)
void shell_command_stdout_cb (RunShellCommand *run_command, const string &output)
void shell_command_stderr_cb (RunShellCommand *run_command, const string &output)
void shell_command_done_cb (RunShellCommand *run_command, bool success, const string &error_msg)

Private Member Functions

void private_stdout_cb (const string &output)
void private_stderr_cb (const string &output)
void private_done_cb (bool success, const string &error_msg)

Private Attributes

bool _is_stdout_received
bool _is_stderr_received
bool _is_done_received
bool _is_done_failed
string _stdout_msg
string _stderr_msg
string _done_error_msg

Detailed Description

A class used for testing of.

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