TestSender Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 TestSender (EventLoop &eventloop, XrlRouter *xrl_router, size_t max_xrl_id)
bool done () const
void print_xrl_sent () const
void print_xrl_received () const
void clear ()
void start_transmission ()
void start_transmission_process ()
void send_batch ()

Private Types

typedef void(TestSender::* CB )(const XrlError &err)

Private Member Functions

bool transmit_xrl_next (CB cb)
void start_transmission_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
void send_next ()
void send_next_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
void send_next_start_pipeline ()
void send_next_pipeline ()
void send_next_pipeline_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
void send_single ()
void send_single_cb (const XrlError &err)
void end_transmission ()
void end_transmission_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
void send_batch_do (unsigned xrls)
void send_batch_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
bool send_batch_task ()

Private Attributes

XrlTestXrlsV0p1Client _test_xrls_client
string _receiver_target
XorpTimer _start_transmission_timer
XorpTimer _end_transmission_timer
XorpTimer _try_again_timer
XorpTimer _exit_timer
size_t _max_xrl_id
size_t _next_xrl_send_id
size_t _next_xrl_recv_id
bool _sent_end_transmission
bool _done
bool _my_bool
int32_t _my_int
IPv4 _my_ipv4
IPv4Net _my_ipv4net
IPv6 _my_ipv6
IPv6Net _my_ipv6net
Mac _my_mac
string _my_string
vector< uint8_t > _my_vector
XorpTask _batch_task
int _batch_sent
int _batch_remaining
int _batch_per_run
int _batch_size
unsigned _batch_got
unsigned _batch_errors

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