TimerNode Class Reference

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NONCOPYABLE HeapBase OneoffTimerNode2 PeriodicTimerNode2

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Protected Member Functions

 TimerNode (TimerList *, BasicTimerCallback)
void add_ref ()
void release_ref ()
 TimerNode (const TimerNode &)
TimerNodeoperator= (const TimerNode &)
bool scheduled () const
int priority () const
const TimeValexpiry () const
bool time_remaining (TimeVal &remain) const
void schedule_at (const TimeVal &, int priority)
void schedule_after (const TimeVal &wait, int priority)
void reschedule_after (const TimeVal &wait)
void unschedule ()
virtual void expire (XorpTimer &, void *)

Protected Attributes

int _ref_cnt
TimeVal _expires
BasicTimerCallback _cb
int _priority


class XorpTimer
class TimerList

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