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Public Member Functions

 UpdatePacket (const uint8_t *d, uint16_t l, const BGPPeerData *peerdata, BGPMain *mainprocess, bool do_checks) throw (CorruptMessage,UnusableMessage)
void add_withdrawn (const BGPUpdateAttrib &wdr)
void replace_pathattribute_list (FPAList4Ref &pa_list)
void add_pathatt (const PathAttribute &pa)
void add_pathatt (PathAttribute *pa)
void add_nlri (const BGPUpdateAttrib &nlri)
const BGPUpdateAttribListwr_list () const
FPAList4Ref & pa_list ()
const BGPUpdateAttribListnlri_list () const
template<typename A >
const MPReachNLRIAttribute< A > * mpreach (Safi) const
template<typename A >
const MPUNReachNLRIAttribute< A > * mpunreach (Safi) const
bool encode (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len, const BGPPeerData *peerdata) const
bool big_enough () const
string str () const
bool operator== (const UpdatePacket &him) const

Private Member Functions

 UpdatePacket (const UpdatePacket &UpdatePacket)

Private Attributes

BGPUpdateAttribList _wr_list
FPAList4Ref _pa_list
BGPUpdateAttribList _nlri_list

Member Function Documentation

bool UpdatePacket::encode ( uint8_t *  buf,
size_t &  len,
const BGPPeerData peerdata 
) const [virtual]


Implements BGPPacket.

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