Vlink< A > Class Template Reference

Manage all the state for virtual links. More...

#include <vlink.hh>

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struct  Vstate
 State about each virtual link. More...

Public Member Functions

bool create_vlink (OspfTypes::RouterID rid)
 Add a virtual link router ID to the database.
bool delete_vlink (OspfTypes::RouterID rid)
 Remove this router ID from the database.
bool set_transit_area (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, OspfTypes::AreaID transit_area)
 Set the transmit area through which the virtual link is formed.
bool get_transit_area (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, OspfTypes::AreaID &transit_area) const
 Get the transmit area information.
bool set_transit_area_notified (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, bool state)
 Set state to know if the area has been notified about this virtual link.
bool get_transit_area_notified (OspfTypes::RouterID rid) const
 Has the area been notified?
bool add_address (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, A source, A destination)
 Associate the endpoint addresses with this virtual link.
bool get_address (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, A &source, A &destination)
 Get the endpoint addresses of this virtual link.
bool get_interface_vif (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, string &interface, string &vif) const
 Provide an interface and vif for this router ID.
bool add_peerid (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, OspfTypes::PeerID peerid)
 Save the peerid that has been allocted to this virtual link.
OspfTypes::PeerID get_peerid (OspfTypes::RouterID rid) const
 Get the associated peerid.
bool set_physical_interface_vif (OspfTypes::RouterID rid, string &interface, string &vif)
 The phyical interface and vif that should be used for transmission.
bool get_physical_interface_vif (A source, A destination, string &interface, string &vif) const
 Given the source and destination addresses return the interface and vif.
OspfTypes::PeerID get_peerid (A source, A destination) const
 Given the source and destination address find the PeerID of the relevant virtual link.
void get_router_ids (OspfTypes::AreaID transit_area, list< OspfTypes::RouterID > &rids) const
 Get the list of virtual links (router ids) that flow through this area.
void area_removed (OspfTypes::AreaID area)
 This area has been removed mark all the notified for this area to false.

Private Attributes

map< OspfTypes::RouterID, Vstate_vlinks

Detailed Description

template<typename A>
class Vlink< A >

Manage all the state for virtual links.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename A >
void Vlink< A >::area_removed ( OspfTypes::AreaID  area)

This area has been removed mark all the notified for this area to false.

Allowing an area to be removed and then brought back.

template<typename A >
bool Vlink< A >::get_interface_vif ( OspfTypes::RouterID  rid,
string &  interface,
string &  vif 
) const

Provide an interface and vif for this router ID.

Must not be called before the address information has been provided.

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