XorpClient Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 XorpClient (EventLoop &eventloop, XrlRouter &xrl_router)
void send_now (const Xrl &xrl, XrlRouter::XrlCallback cb, const string &expected_response, bool do_exec)
void fake_send_done (string xrl_return_spec, XrlRouter::XrlCallback cb)
 fake_send_done decouples the XRL response callback for debug_mode calls to send_now, so that the callback doesn't happen until after send_now has returned.
XrlArgs fake_return_args (const string &xrl_return_spec)
 fake_return_args is purely needed for testing, so that XRLs that should return a value don't completely fail
EventLoopeventloop () const

Private Attributes

XorpTimer _delay_timer

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