XrlCmdMap Class Reference

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NONCOPYABLE XrlDispatcher XrlRouter XrlStdRouter IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter XrlCliNode XrlFib2mribNode XrlMfeaNode XrlMld6igmpNode XrlMld6igmpNode XrlPimNode XrlStaticRoutesNode

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Public Types

typedef map< string, XrlCmdEntryCmdMap

Public Member Functions

 XrlCmdMap (const string &name="anonymous")
const string & name () const
virtual bool add_handler_internal (const string &cmd, const XrlRecvAsyncCallback &rcb)
bool add_handler (const string &cmd, const XrlRecvAsyncCallback &rcb)
bool add_handler (const string &cmd, const XrlRecvSyncCallback &rcb)
virtual bool remove_handler (const string &name)
const XrlCmdEntryget_handler (const string &name) const
uint32_t count_handlers () const
const XrlCmdEntryget_handler (uint32_t index) const
void get_command_names (list< string > &names) const
virtual void finalize ()
 Mark command map as finished.

Protected Member Functions

bool add_handler (const XrlCmdEntry &c)

Protected Attributes

const string _name
CmdMap _cmd_map

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