XrlDispatcher Class Reference

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XrlCmdMap NONCOPYABLE XrlRouter XrlStdRouter IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter XrlCliNode XrlFib2mribNode XrlMfeaNode XrlMld6igmpNode XrlMld6igmpNode XrlPimNode XrlStaticRoutesNode

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struct  XI

Public Member Functions

 XrlDispatcher (const char *class_name)
virtual XIlookup_xrl (const string &name) const
virtual void dispatch_xrl (const string &method_name, const XrlArgs &in, XrlDispatcherCallback out) const
void dispatch_xrl_fast (const XI &xi, XrlDispatcherCallback out) const

Private Member Functions

void dispatch_cb (const XrlCmdError &, const XrlArgs *, XrlDispatcherCallback resp) const

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