XrlFibClientManager::FibClient< F > Class Template Reference

A template class for storing FIB client information. More...

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Public Member Functions

 FibClient (const string &target_name, XrlFibClientManager &xfcm)
FibClientoperator= (const FibClient &rhs)
void activate (const list< F > &fte_list)
void send_fib_client_route_change_cb (const XrlError &xrl_error)
bool get_send_updates () const
bool get_send_resolves () const
void set_send_updates (const bool sendit)
void set_send_resolves (const bool sendit)

Private Member Functions

EventLoopeventloop ()
void send_fib_client_route_change ()

Private Attributes

list< F > _inform_fib_client_queue
XorpTimer _inform_fib_client_queue_timer
string _target_name
bool _send_updates
bool _send_resolves

Detailed Description

template<class F>
class XrlFibClientManager::FibClient< F >

A template class for storing FIB client information.

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