XrlPimNode::SendProtocolMessage Class Reference

Class for handling the task of sending protocol messages. More...

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Public Member Functions

 SendProtocolMessage (XrlPimNode &xrl_pim_node, const string &if_name, const string &vif_name, const IPvX &src_address, const IPvX &dst_address, uint8_t ip_protocol, int32_t ip_ttl, int32_t ip_tos, bool ip_router_alert, bool ip_internet_control, const uint8_t *sndbuf, size_t sndlen)
void dispatch ()
const char * operation_name () const
const string & if_name () const
const string & vif_name () const
const IPvXsrc_address () const
const IPvXdst_address () const
uint8_t ip_protocol () const
int32_t ip_ttl () const
int32_t ip_tos () const
bool ip_router_alert () const
bool ip_internet_control () const
const vector< uint8_t > & payload () const

Private Attributes

string _if_name
string _vif_name
IPvX _src_address
IPvX _dst_address
uint8_t _ip_protocol
int32_t _ip_ttl
int32_t _ip_tos
bool _ip_router_alert
bool _ip_internet_control
vector< uint8_t > _payload

Detailed Description

Class for handling the task of sending protocol messages.

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